2016 Catalina Ski Race – Saturday, July 16

We’re spreading the word for our friends over at the Long Beach Boat and Ski Club, the organizers of the Catalina Ski Race.  For those of you who have participated before, you know what an amazing event this is.  If you’ve watched but never raced, you should make it happen, it’s an awe-inspiring experience.  Here’s all the info the organizers of the race have been sending out.  Links to the website and entry form are below:

2016 Catalina Ski Race News!

The Long Beach Boat & Ski Club (LBB&SC) is busy getting ready to again hold the Worlds Greatest Ski Race. We at the LBB&SC want to ensure you have an adequate amount of time to sign up for the 2016 race. Below is information regarding the 2016 entry form and opportunities for a free/discounted entry to the 2016 race. Keep reading to learn more. 

Don’t miss the 2016 Catalina Ski race on July 16, 2016.   

World’s Greatest Ski Race Website

2016 Catalina Ski Race Entry Form!

The 2016 Catalina Ski Race is fast approaching. It is time to get your team in order and signed up for the race. See below the 2016 CSR Entry Form that will need to be completed and returned with your teams corresponding payment. Please also do not forget drivers physical and observers CPR cards.

Good luck to all racers!

2016 CSR Entry Form

Free Entry!!!!!!

We at the LBB&SC have decided to make a special offer to completely new teams. We would like to offer any new team a free entry to the 2016 Catalina Ski Race. We are classifying a New Team as a Driver, Navigator, Observer and Skier who have never participated in the Catalina Ski Race. This offer is only valid for new teams who pre-register for the race. We will not be accepting any free entries from new teams after pre-registration closes.

Discounted Entry for Teams Who Need to Dust off Their Equipment!

We at the LBB&SC have decided to make a special offer to teams that have a skier who has not raced the Catalina Ski Race in over 5 years. We would like to offer these teams with seasoned, but rested skiers, 1/2 off the entry fee to the 2016 Catalina Ski Race. For the teams who classify for this discount your entry fee would be reduced from the standard $400 to a very low $200. Please be aware, to qualify for this discount your teams skier cannot have ski’d the Catalina Ski Race within the last 5 years. This offer is only valid for teams who’s skier qualifies and pre-register’s for the race. We will not be accepting any discounted entries from teams with seasoned but rested skiers after pre-registration closes.


If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to the LBB&SC