2018 Poker Run Itinerary


Hello fellow power boating friends! We’re getting excited as the Poker Run weekend quickly approaches.  Here are a few details that you might like to know about our events:

Friday September 28th

11:00AM – meet at the Maya dock to take 30 to 50 US military service members to the USS Iowa.

12:30PM – lunch at the Maya

5:00PM – 7:00PM – event sign-up for those who did not pre- register.  Tacos at the Maya dock.


Saturday September 29rd

9:00AM – Driver’s Meeting

10:00AM – Boaters idle towards fan tail of Queen Mary.  Idle as a group to the break wall.

1st Stop is Huntington Beach Pier

2nd Stop is Avalon – stop in Catalina for lunch or head back to the Maya.  If you stop in Catalina, many of us will be at Descanso Beach Club but it is not a SCOPE hosted lunch.

Return to the Maya

6:00PM – Dinner at the Maya, Dancing and Music