History of SCOPE

SCOPE was founded in January of 1992 by Ron Songrath (now referred to as CAPTAIN RON). After spending countless hours running offshore in the Southern California waters, Ron decided that there was a need for a recreational boating club, much like the social boating club in Northern California called SFO – San Francisco Offshore.

He recruited a few of his boating buddies, had them all chip in a few dollars, hired an artist to come up with a logo, had a few hundred shirts silk screened and SCOPE was born.

The first general meeting was in February of 1992 and Bob Teague of Teague Custom Marine was the first guest speaker. Over 80 people battled a torrential downpour and attended the first meeting at the Red Lion Hotel in Costa Mesa. After a variety of speeches and door prizes, over 40 participants signed up to be members for the first year! The goal of SCOPE and its founders was simple….keep it simple and affordable and above all else, meet a bunch of people with a great common interest and have lots of fun. The formula has worked ever since. There have been many famous guest speakers at the SCOPE meetings….Howard Arneson, Reggie Fountain, Larry Smith, Vic Edelbrock, Leon “The Motorman” Kaplan and a host of other entertaining guest speakers.

Some of the events have been incredible…each year, the Poker Run has grown considerably (over 140 boats in 2001), there have been dock parties, barbeques, go-cart night (over 35 participants were ejected in 1994 due to reckless driving!), bowling nights, Catalina Runs, San Diego weekends, river regatta’s at Mead, Powell and Havasu, Hooter’s lunch runs and a great many Yard House¬†luncheon’s in Long Beach. The Boat Rodeo in 1997 was made into a television show. The majority of SCOPE’s members have raced offshore and driven in the Catalina Ski Race. The end result is that there has been great participation in all kinds of boating and non-boating events throughout the years.

That is what SCOPE is all about….trying new things and bringing families together, and having fun with a group of likeminded people. If you haven’t given SCOPE a try, you should –¬†The SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA OFFSHORE POWERBOAT ELITE is for everybody!