Who is SCOPE?

Being a SCOPE member isn’t like being a member of Vessel Assist or the AutoClub. We’re not going to run out in the middle of the night and jump start your boat for you! No discount movie tickets or even free passes to the boat shows. This is an ENTHUSIASTS club – we want you to be a participant! We want to see you at our informal lunches, our trips to Catalina, the POKER RUN and most of all – our road trips.

Each year SCOPE members participate in a number of fun and interesting road trips to such places as Lake Havasu and Lake Mead. They’re always a lot of fun for everyone, and they’re a great way to relax and enjoy your boat with others who want to do the same.

SCOPE is made up of members from all walks of life – iron workers to corporate officers. There are well known racers and others new to boating. Performance boating has brought us all together in what we feel is the best power boating participants club on the west coast.

Whether on the ocean or during a road trip, SCOPE members are a fun loving group who take their boating seriously and responsibly. SCOPE is very family friendly, and safety is always important to our members.

Do you enjoy high performance boating done responsibly? Do you enjoy being around other enthusiasts who enjoy their boating time as much as you? If you would enjoy being a part of a light hearted group of down to earth powerboaters then the SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA OFFSHORE POWERBOAT ELITE is looking forward to meeting you!